What for?


多くの方が、「何のため?」やっぱり、"For what?" じゃない?と思われるでしょう。

実は、"What is that for?" を省略した形なので、"What for?" と言います。

Katie:Listen, Jack.  I'm going to buy a new Gucci bag sometime soon.

Jack: A new Gucci bag?  It must be quite expensive.  What for?

Katie:  What for?  There is no specific reason.  I just found a nice one and I really want that.



よく似た表現で、"What are friends for?" というネイティブがよく使う表現があります。


Tom: You broke your arm?  That's too bad.  OK, I'll go shopping and cook something for you.

Jake: Oh, really?  You're so kind.  I really appreciate it!

Tom: What are friends for?  I'll see you in about 30 minutes.

"What for?" だけでなく、状況に応じて、"What are friends for?" も是非使ってみてくださいね。