It's too hot!


"I can't stand this weather!  It's much too hot!" (この気候耐えられない!暑すぎるー!)

という悲鳴が聞こえてきそうです。I guess everyone feels tired...

この"too hot" の "too" という単語は、皆様もよくご存じだと思います。

Jack: Why don't we go to the movie next weekend?

May: Oh, Jack.  I'm really busy at work recently.  I'm too tired to go out.

Jack: OK.  Let's stay home this weekend.  I'll cook something good for you.  How about rib steak?

May: Rib steak?  I think it's too heavy.  I'd like something lighter.


"I'm too tired to go out." の形は「… の構文」とも呼ばれます。知っておくととても便利です。

"She is too young to get married." (彼女は結婚するには若すぎる)

"He is too serious to make a joke." (彼はまじめすぎてジョークが言えない)


でも、"English is too difficult to study." なんて言わないでくださいね!